automatic end to end email encryption with "inline keys"

holger krekel, Cologne, OpenPGPConf July 2016

on me

email refuses to die

repowering email

email encryption hard problems

key distribution schemes

provider managed schemes

"public key" lookups

"Words don't express what we think, they tell us what to think."

from Gene Youngblood, "Secession from the broadcast" lecture 2012, Buenos Aires.

inline keys basics

"inline keys" in September 2016

inline keys features

attaching keys


inline key protocol constraints

inline key safety

judge security by actual collective outcome (Saitta)

inline key distribution options

inline key protocol/crypto options

managing secrets options

other useability problems

next steps for developing inline keys protocol


Holger Krekel,

see also

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anchoring new decentralized services?

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